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Mathematical curves

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Parametric equation:

{ x = sin at y = sin bt x = sin a t ; y = sin b t

The Lissajous curves

This page demonstrates the canvas element added by HTML 5 by plotting a few mathematical curves. If the curves don’t show up, your Web browser most likely cannott handle HTML 5. We recommend the use of browsers such as Firefox® or Opera. If the equations aren’t displayed properly, you may switch to a page without MathML.

The cursors allow you to change the parameters of the equations. Your comments are welcome. Please send your message to contact /@/ ascolteo /./ fr.

The equations were taken from the special issue #8 of the Revue du Palais de la Découverte (“Courbes mathématiques” – prepared by Jean Brette – July 1976 – ISBN: 2‑85607‑003‑5ISSN: 0180-3344).

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